Commercial services

Receipt and processing of transfer orders from supplier´s sales representatives by the following:
  call center phone number: 0800 606 700 (7.00 – 18.00 h.)
  services ADC net (TOS)

  • price and marketing event setting as per the supplier´s requirements,
  • electronic data exchange – we provide automated sending of reports of sales, inventories, movement of goods in the consignment store,
  • product callback from the market and services related to that,
  • certified goods disposal,
  • manufacturing and packaging of drugs - adjustment,
  • special conditions for sale and removal from storage - collection of individual orders from customers, registration and summarisation, check with an anonymized prescription, receipt and sending on the basis of received orders.

Logistic services


  • storage rental under GDP conditions in the distribution centres - Bratislava, Nitra, Banská Bystrica, Prešov
  • consignment stock operations
  • distribution of goods to pharmacies, to retail sale points of medical devices and to veterinary customers
  • logistic services in connection with clinical studies – storage and logistics of the clinical study medication to the centres

Marketing services

Medium (PR and advertising)

A full-colour information professional quarterly issued magazine for pharmacy and veterinary medicine. It is distributed in circulation of 3000 pc to public and hospital pharmacies, retail sale points of medical devices, veterinary doctors, pet shop owners and other business partners of the company MED-ART.

Price list (PR and advertising)

The price list of veterinary products and Price list of pet shop goods is issued 1 x a year and they both contain a summary of the range of the company MED-ART. The price list of the veterinary products is for veterinary doctors and the Price list of pet shop goods is for pharmacies, pet shops, and it is distributed to such groups in circulation of 600 and 400 pc.

Information leaflet (Sales support)

Full-colour promo monthly magazine distributed by the Slovak Post in circulation of 2200 pc to public, hospital pharmacies and retail sale points of medical devices.

Calendar full of advantages (Sales support)

A full-colour product calendar of the company MED-ART is distributed to a specific target group by specialization – a human or veterinary calendar full of advantages. There is 1 product offered exclusively in MED-ART every working day, supported by the active support of the call centre.

Stock (Sales support)

Stock has the form of insertion into Information Leaflet, a unique option to alert subscribers to TV advertising, PR campaign, guerilla campaign a.i. supplier. The tool recommends the customer to be stocked because of the patient's request.

We will set you up for the season (Sales support)

12 topics per month - in advance of 1 month communicates discounts on seasonal products. The tool is promoted as an Information Leaflet advertisement.

Seasonal catalogues (Sales support)

A full-colour magazine issued occasionally (spring, summer, winter) contains a special offer of the supplementary range (non-medical) for personal consumption of owners and employees of pharmacies and retail sale points of medical devices, to whom it is distributed in circulation of 2200 pc.

Electronic mailing or an insert in crates with goods (Direct marketing)

Directly addressed selected target group in form of electronic mailing or in form of an insert in crates with goods.

Topic of the Day (Call centre)

The topic of the day is performed by the call centre in form of campaigns controlled by the specialized software, which allows for setting the target group, control and assessment of the campaign. Every day in a week the telephone operators of the call centre address the topic which you specify to the target group and they present it to the customer.


Month with the brand (Call centre)

A monthly cumulative promo of the selected company for the specific product or range, which consists of preparation of an individual plan for each customer according to their potential order. The Month with the Brand is carried out with active support by the call centre (2x topic of the day) informing about meeting of the plan continuously by a telephone operator and with a reserved space in the INFORMATION LEAFLET (1x A4).

Seminars (Event marketing)

The company MED-ART organises a series of accredited seminars for their customers in cooperation with the Slovak Chamber of Pharmacists and the Slovak Chamber of Medical Technicians on the annual basis within the continuous education of the professional public. In 2017 we improved the concept of our seminars by the project MED-ART educatio, the task of which is to capture the very essence of education connected with personality development and which intends to bring news and innovation, a foreign lecturer and training of practical skills (workshop). For the list of the current dates of seminars click here.

Congress centre (Event marketing)

The congress centre is situated directly in the MED-ART premises in Nitra. The variability of the interior arrangement provides the opportunity for organization of various events.

In addition to the rent the price includes the following:

  • Air-conditioned premises
  • Modern technical equipment (multi-media projectors, an overhead projector, large projector screens, movable boards, wireless microphones, Internet connection)
  • Additional services
  • Provision of interpreting and translating services

Vaša Lekáreň (Vaša Lekáreň)

Vaša Lekáreň is a virtual chain of retail pharmacies. It was established by the company MED-ART in 2012. Currently it comprises a network of more than 260 independent pharmacies all around Slovakia. The pharmacies Vaša lekáreň are owned by independent owners and they share common business and marketing strategy.


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Client Zone

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