Pharmacy and retail sale point

We offer comprehensive above-standard services

Wide choice of goods

We provide the widest range of goods for public and hospital pharmacies, retail sale points of medical devices, special surgeries, social care facilities and in-home care agencies on the Slovak pharmaceutical market. The active MED-ART product portfolio consists of more than 33,000 goods items.

Information and consulting

A call centre with 40 operators ready to receive an order and to inform about the current availability of goods, expiry dates, callback, changes in classification and patient´s additional payments are available for the clients. The call centre also informs about news, extra discounts and current marketing promos.

Electronic orders and logistics

The company MED-ART offers several forms of electronic ordering, potential urgent orders – ISMOL and provision of extraordinary medicine supplies to their clients. Goods supply is provided by 4 distribution centres within 24 hours.

Client Zone

A registered customer can get to the Client Zone, where purchase is even more comfortable. The main advantages of the Client Zone:

  • 24/7 operation
  • client´s orders summary
  • it provides a summary of documents and invoices and a possibility of repeated generation
  • a possibility to choose the unloading address
  • information about the current availability of the goods, prices and expiry dates
  • summary of the entire MED-ART range
  • simple searching for products
  • a bookmark for promo goods and favourite items


I want to register to the Client Zone I want to register to the Client Zone

New client

If you have decided to become our customer, the first step is to get through the registration. You will have to provide the required information and documents for registration. Please send your applications together with the attached documents to the e-mail address, or contact us on tel. no. 0800 606 700.

  • Extract from the Company Register or a Trade Licence
  • Tax ID, or VAT No.
  • bank account number
  • export address if other than the company´s registered office
  • contact details (name, telephone, e-mail)
  • working hours when you can take over the goods
  • a person authorized to take over the goods
  • a pharmacy licence (if you are pharmacy)
  • a licence of a retail sale point of medical devices (if you are a MD retail sale point)
  • a licence for opioids if you keep them
  • a licence for specified substances (precursors) if you keep them

Vaša Lekáreň

Vaša Lekáreň is a virtual chain of retail pharmacies. It was established by the company MED-ART in 2012. Currently it comprises more than 300 independent pharmacies all round Slovakia. The pharmacies Vaša Lekáreň are owned by independent owners and they share common business and marketing strategy.

We help the pharmacies belonging to the brand Vaša Lekáreň with education, maintaining the patients and attracting new customers to the pharmacy, arrangement of the pharmacy, earnings in the pharmacy and we provide them with further services related to the smooth operation of the pharmacy and employees´ motivation.



Downloadable documents


The company MED-ART organises a series of seminars for pharmacists and medical technicians in cooperation with the Slovak Chamber of Pharmacists and the Slovak Chamber of Medical Technicians on the annual basis within continuous education of medical employees.




MED-ART, spol. s r.o.
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phone number: 037/ 77 53 702

Customer service centre

information, consulting and complaints
Green line 0800 606 700

Call Centre

Orders on working days from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Green line 0800 900 700